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The Pyramid Legacy

A sci-fi plot twisting the fibres of history together with those of the future . . .

For over four millennia the Great Pyramid of Giza has guarded a secret image; until NOW!

The Great Pyramid of Giza, unlike most ancient Egyptian monuments, lacks one conspicuous feature: hieroglyphs. So when, for the first time in over four thousand years, a prominent young Egyptologist discovers the first engraving inside the Great Pyramid, why is he murdered by a senior colleague? The authorities are keen to cover it up, but they know they can’t achieve total closure whilst English robotics engineer, Ben Anderson, remains in possession of a powerful image. An image, which suggests the Great Pyramid at Giza was not built by ancient Egyptians.

What the Egyptian authorities don’t know is that unless the true meaning behind the image can be established, along with other images which will later surface, the future of mankind will face the most serious threat imaginable. Anderson manages to escape Egypt at the earliest opportunity, together with his astrophysicist girlfriend, Samantha Gibson, but the authorities are quickly on their tail when it becomes evident they have arrested the wrong person.

Keen to establish who really built the Pyramids, Anderson seeks to gain additional proof to support his theory. As he and Gibson begin to discover a series of seemingly disparate clues, they soon realise that everything is far from straightforward. Whilst seeking additional resources, Gibson is unwittingly embroiled in the internal politics of the US military, with the result that she becomes a pawn in a vicious power struggle involving a corrupt senior officer. Her path crosses that of an ex-lover and her relationship with Anderson stretches to breaking point.

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Reviews of The Pyramid Legacy on Amazon US and UK:

5***** Innovative Adventure - This is a well-written book in which the author has displayed his genius in bringing together many different locales to spin a thriller which all can enjoy. I highly recommend this book and I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

5***** A fabulous page turner! - I enjoy page-turning thrillers, but they have to include three-dimensional characters and appealing relationships to ensure that I'm hooked. This author accomplished it all!

5***** Great book - Just started to read this book, so far a great book well written,makes me feel like I am there, best book I have read for a long time.

4**** Don't miss this one - What is the secret hidden in the Great Pyramid of Giza? Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down. I highly recommend this exceptional read.

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5***** Great Debut - The pace was fast enough to keep me turning the pages and there were some real cliff hangers. The story is a mixture of thriller, sci-fi and romance and is well written and researched.

5***** A Fantastic Novel - This book is exceptional in many ways! I was hooked from the beginning and I was really eager to know the end! The great questions of existence are addressed with talent!

5***** Pyramids, Mystery, Suspense, Oh My! - Eaton did a marvelous job with his debut novel not only with his phenomenal research and creativity but in developing fleshed out characters with realistic motivations. The interaction between robotics engineer Ben Anderson and his girlfriend astrophysicist Samantha Gibson provides balance to the tense, fast-paced story line.

5***** Tales of a Reluctant Hero - As a lead character, Ben is anything but typical. He's not the brave, risk-taking hero a reader expects in these types of stories. He has lots of fears, misgivings and other quirks . . . However, I ended up really liking him because he is so human, so real, and I'm bored senseless with superheroes.

5***** The Pyramid Legacy is a fast paced thriller - If you love high spirited adventure, you won't be able to put down The Pyramid Legacy by brilliant writer Clive Eaton.

4**** Really Good Read - I found it to be suspenseful and interesting--I haven't read too much about pyramids, so I learned a lot. The characters were well written--flawed but engaging, and the quick pacing of the story kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next.

5***** Debut novel highly recommended - Clive Eaton's debut novel is a breakneck tale which manages to encompass the genres of thriller, adventure and science fiction in one tightly-written storyline. I've already recommended this book to readers on my own website and will do the same here - set aside a couple of days and lose yourself in this great debut novel - you won't be disappointed.

5***** Dan Brown meets - The book is well researched, interestingly believable with undercurrents of intrigue, deception, and romance. The characters are all multiple layered and nothing is predictable.

5***** The Pyramid Legacy - This book is an excellent read with a totally gripping story line from the first page to the last. I don’t usually read sci-fi but this book has converted me.

5***** A cracking read! -  I picked this after reading other thrillers relating to Egyptology/conspiracy theories and this really holds up with the best of them. Really surprising for a debut novel, very pleasing and totally enjoyable! I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes a fast-paced read.

5***** A gripping read -  It was a gripping read from start to finish and I really struggled to put it down. The genre is more of a thriller mystery than a typical 'sci-fi' and I became hooked. The characters are real and I felt that I was on the journey with them.

5***** First novel - I thoroughly enjoyed this first novel of the author. Set in the near future the pace of the action is exciting with many unforeseen twists. The book contains a vast amount of interesting technical information and the author has obviously spent many hours researching the subject. I enjoyed the interaction between the various characters in the book and it is easy to feel part of the expedition.

5***** More Fun Than Any Bruce Willis Movie! - Are you an archaeology buff? Do you read all you can about the pyramids? Do you wonder about hidden rooms, and who built the monuments? Did you ever allow SETI to use your computer to search for alien life? Are you fascinated by riddles and codes? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Clive Eaton wrote a book for you! Set in the near future, we've been to Mars and we have a moon base, and many twists and turns and surprises await you. For $1.94, your reading will deliver more fun than any Bruce Willis movie for one-tenth the cost.

4**** Dynamite Page Turner - Wow! What a story! What an imagination! Great job, Clive. You have a wonderful future as an author. The Pyramid Legacy is a great start. I look forward to reading numerous sequels.

5***** A mystery spanning 4000 years - Between murder, suspense, intrigue and unbelievable (but maybe not) science fiction, Clive Eaton pulls us along at breakneck speed, sliding us to the edge of our seats. I couldn't wait to get to the end, finding myself reading on my smart phone when I didn't have my Kindle with me, something I never do.

5***** A real page-turner - This is a belter of a book. Clive Eaton has produced a novel which, in the reading, feels like it could go in just about any direction, and it does! A really impressive debut that follows a number of genre trappings, but eschews others and treads a new path. A thoroughly enjoyable read and I can't wait for the follow up.

5***** Fantastic! - Couldn't put it down! A fabulous old fashioned sci-fi adventure novel!! Can't wait for the sequel!!! Read this book now!!!!

As Anderson begins to see Gibson from a totally different perspective, his focus changes, and he pushes himself well beyond the limits of his comfort zone in an attempt to discover the truth. Gibson is now prepared to do anything to fulfil a lifetime ambition, but as her objective becomes almost within her grasp a virulent virus threatens to stop her . . . and Anderson has the antidote . . . together with a totally different agenda. And so an unprecedented race begins to finally reveal the true legacy of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Pyramid Legacy is a thriller, but also has a story of love and deceit deeply woven in.

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